Kohr never attempted to seduce people into utopia,

  • which is always a misplaced concreteness. He fostered a vision that could be realized because it fell within limits; it remained within reach. Kohr stood for renunciation of a ranging gaze that sought chimeras beyond the shared horizon. Ivan Illich OceanArks.org/Annals/articles/Kohr/



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Kim McDodge

PS. Please know that these notes are from ones whose experience and training are in the arts, homemaking and soil foodweb gardening. We are amateurs, making our ways with calligraphy and photography, computers. We do not think that the decisions that need making now should be left to the conventionally rich and powerful. In an ecology of mind we must have diversity in techniques, ways thru daily tasks and our life-death-life cycles, to discover what really does work and what does not, to find moral bearings from the mores we hold, admit our mistakes and change up when necessary.

That said, I do not like to see Barnett looking at E.O.Wilson's program of consilience without knowing that our best poets and thinkers have seen the implications of his thought and found it dangerous. I specifically refer to William Irwin Thompson's study "We Become What We Hate" in his collection Self and Society (Imprint Academic, 2004) pgs 68 and 69, at least. As well, Wendell Berry's wonderful little book called Life Is A Miracle (Counterpoint, 2000) is even more precise in its address to Wilson. Barnett and DeAngelis are using the language of Complex Dynamical Mentality which cannot be reduced to "a political ideology, but is an ecology of consciousness in which opposites are constitutive of a larger system." (WIT, 2004) Barnett plays his work thru this way, yet Wilson wants to eliminate complexity and close for uniformity of belief. Be really careful and do not loose the soul of your creativity to yet another seemingly easier way thru, you two. By opening yourselves up to a wider audience than bureaucracies of business and military, you are inviting comments from those who do not play the power of those forms well, yet have managed to see ourselves this far and notice your work. I hope that you are willing to take some of this to heart and not just go for the pettings of the powered. Thompson once paired up the pristine and pure Mr. Berry with funky, mousey Walt Disney in a moves to include the unlikely, to show the scope of the American experience. You have managed to get thru your choosen fields with humility intact. The vision we need is bigger than you can handle so please consider reading more widely to compliment your work with more practiced and mature vision. Good Luck in your important works.

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